Product Overview for Silicone heating mats

Silicone heating mats are found in many areas of industry and technology. They are used for heating containers, funnels, bunkers or bins, flasks, tables, antennas, mirrors and reflectors, machine elements, metering cabinets, heating baths, medical equipment etc. A silicone heating mat consists of heat conductor tracks – made of wire or etched foil – which are embedded between two strong, moisture- and temperature-resistant silicone layers with glass fabric reinforcement. The entire appliance is vulcanized to form a homogeneous entity. Shape, performance, profile and heating zones can be optimised for specific applications. Silicone heating mats retain their flexibility, even with temperatures down to –40 °C.


  • Customized system
  • Even heat distribution to avoid local overheating
  • Fast heating up thanks to small mass, while post-heating is minimized
  • Good contact even on curved geometries
  • Very easy to clean
  • Close heat conductor routing permits high heat output
Winkler SIlikonheizer

Silicone heating mat type R for rail applications

Material: Silicone-coated glass fabric,
approval for rail applications according to EN 45545-2

Thickness: 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm

Winkler Silikonheizer

Silicone heating mat type N

Material: silicone-coated glass fabric

Thickness: 1.1 mm standard, optional 0.8 / 1.5 mm

Winkler Silikonheizer

Silicone heating mat type P

Material: silicone-coated glass fabric with textile structure

Thickness: 1.5 mm

Winkler Silikonheizer

Silicone heater type U

Material: silicone-coated glass fabric with UL approval

Thickness: 1.1 mm

Temperature controller for integration series I-200

The microcontroller - small but with full potential

Our new developed fully electronic 10 A temperature controller with high control Quality.

  • Wear-free electronic 10 A semiconductor load unit
  • Optimized power input, especially suitable for highly loaded applications
  • Self-optimizing Fast Adaptive Tuning (FAT) control algorithm for Plug & Play
  • Sensor: integrated
  • Wide Range: 12 - 48 VDC / IP65
  • Change of reference value and actual value readout via handheld WRZF310N
  • Direct mounting on silicone heating mat (on unheated area)

Overview new temperature controllers