Our work not only centres on the product itself, but also on developing complete solutions. It is with this belief in mind that our employees plan and manufacture electrical heating devices - adapted precisely to your requirements as a customer. Your temperature problem is our inspiration. Our resourceful developers and skilled manufacturing specialists do everything within their power to make your enquiry into a Winkler heating solution. This way we can respond flexibly and quickly deliver you a ready-for-connection result from a single source. We’re proud of that!

There is not only enthusiasm for innovation in our 200 employees’ heads, but also comprehensive knowledge from a wide range of technologies. We have continuously transferred the experience gained since the company’s foundation in 1979 into new product and application areas, such as explosion protection. This versatility allows us to supply customers in industry, in the laboratory and in railway technology – worldwide. But no matter where: We are in close contact with every customer. Because the better we fulfil your requirements, the more convincing the results. And that is what matters for us!

Winkler develops, produces and distributes flexible electrical heating solutions for industrial applications. Users receive a bespoke and tested solution from Winkler, in which the heating element, insulation, temperature sensor, connecting cable, fixation and - if required - the controller are integrated, which can be put into operation immediately.

The validity of this philosophy is demonstrated by our company history spanning 40 years. Winkler stands for experience, reliability and ingenious innovations. Our drive is always to find the best solution – tailored to the respective application. Take a look at our homepage, give us a call or drop by - we look forward to meeting you.  

With best regards from Heidelberg,

Andreas Zenner
-Chief Executive Officer (CEO)-

At Winkler, we traditionally feel a special bond with the principle of sustainability. One of our most important corporate principles is the responsible use of resources in all areas. We were certified for sustainable management by the city of Heidelberg as early as 2012.


Winkler products are manufactured from high-quality materials that ensure a long service life even under harsh industrial conditions. When used as intended, a Winkler product can do its job almost maintenance-free for decades.


We engineer and manufacture with great attention to details, because in heating technology this also leads to better control results and noticeably lower energy consumption in operation. We are specifically looking for ways to extend the service life of our systems and reduce service costs with a modular design and easily replaceable components.


We design and manufacture with great attention to detail: We manufacture without emissions, with the lowest energy input and almost no waste, mainly by hand. We are proud to offer modern workplaces to over 200 employees.


Should one of our products wear out or become defective during use, we offer you a comprehensive repair service. Upgrades and additional equipment are also possible.


We make an active contribution to climate protection by using the opportunities offered by digitization to optimize communication and reduce business travel to a minimum.


With Winkler, you are choosing a partner with over 40 years of experience and a long-term, fair approach.



Our Philosophy

Dynamics define life at Winkler: We “make it ourselves” rather than “have it made”. In order to meet the growing demands of the market, we offer our employees a variety of options for involvement and influence. As a company, we are only as good as every one of our teams, and we are aware of that. That is why we attach great importance to our employees feeling happy with us. We provide scope for individual ideas, promote personal development and help taking on responsibility.

The typical Winkler employee is driven by conviction, seeks challenges with high self motivation and wishes to shape changes. The open doors of our offices and a flat hierarchy ensure that communication happens and decisions are made unbureaucratically.

Many of our staff have been employed with us for many years. The mixture of their expertise and input from new colleagues always opens new opportunities for us. Based on our company share diversivication we are independent in our decision-making and therefore offer long-term perspectives.

Irrespective of whether a longstanding or new employee, student or intern: The common goal of all at Winkler is to inspire our customers and to make an impression on the market with innovative products.

Markus Medek
-Chief Financial Officer (CFO)-

WINKLER AG Compliance Code Guidelines


We always comply with applicable law and respect ethical principles and human rights.

We treat each other and third parties with respect.

We are committed to respecting the dignity of each individual and to avoiding any form of discrimination.

We reject forced any child labour, ensure fair working conditions and compliance with all labour work standards.

As employees, we behave in a politically and religiously neutral manner, avoiding in particular political or religious extremism and not discriminating against anyone on the grounds of ethnic origin, nationality, gender, religion, ideology, disability, age or sexual identity.

As managers, we bear responsibility for the employees entrusted to us.

We observe the regulations of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the General Explanation of the UN Human Rights, the UN Conventions of Child Rights and to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women.

We are a modern company and act accordingly.

We are aware of our social and societal responsibilities and donate primarily to selected charitable institutions and purposes.

Donations and sponsorships are only granted by us within the framework of a transparent approval procedure.

Environmental protection is for us more than just compliance with legal regulations.

We handle materials and resources responsibly and carefully.

We take into account all statutory and technical standards and specifications for product safety.

We pay attention to occupational safety and comply with all applicable safety regulations at the workplace.

We act fairly in the competitive environment.

We highlight our own merits without discrediting competitors.

We believe in the fair treatment of our competitors, customers and suppliers.

We monitor our customer relations and comply with export restrictions.

We do not provide opportunities for money laundering .

We avoid situations that could lead to significant conflicts of interest or loyalty.

We take our business decisions solely on the basis of objective criteria and are not influenced by personal interests and relationships.

We do not allow the offering of gifts, entertainment or donations to influence our own or our partners' business decisions.

Personal and company-related data is treated confidentially by us and may not be passed on to external parties.

We pay due regard to IT security and comply with applicable IT security guidelines and directives.

We maintain secrecy in regard to confidential information about our company, our products and services.

We respect the intellectual property of competitors and business partners.

We maintain a responsible approach to our company's property and use it exclusively for the intended purpose.

We protect the company's assets and inventory and ensure that they are used for legitimate business purpose.


Winkler AG, Compliance Code Guidelines - 01 January 2021