Seamless Heating Cable for Rail technology

Seamless Heating Cable are usable in different areas of industry, most of all in the railway technology. Fitted in sections large surfaces, like floor and wall panels, can be heated.

It can be fitted along pipes or sewn on mats as well. The semless connection, the robust structure and special tests according to railway-norms make assure a safe application and a long life of the "Seamless Technology" heating cable.

"Seamless" Heating cable Type WKT

Robust structure with high-quality insulation material

  • High resistance against mechanical and thermal influences
  • Spiralled heat conductor
  • No longitudinal expansion during heating process
  • Greater flexibility
  • Safety against breakage

"Seamless Technology" connection between cold end and heat conductor

  • Ideal electrical connection without risk of interruption, loose contacts or contact resistance                            
  • No risk of moisture penetration
  • Unchanging cross-section without thickening at the transition between cold end and heat conductor

Wide range of resistance values available

  • Customized design of voltage, power and length