Heated housings and manifolds for Process and environmental measurements

Heated housings and manifolds are important components for the gas analysis in environmental and process measurement. With their help, the gas is maintained at the required temperature for an accurate measurement. Heated housings are suitable for temperature maintenance of pumps, filters or similar complex geometries. In a heated manifold gases can be mixed, buffered or passed through.

Heated mixing vessels and manifolds series WAV

In the environmental and process measurement, a heated mixing vessel is used for the mixing and buffering of gases.

  • Connection of several heated lines with pumps and headrace possible
  • Very robust structure made of high quality material. Made for continuous use and Temperature range up to 250 °C
  • The cylindrical shape guarantees a very good mixing of the gases
  • Efficient heating due to the very good insulation -> low input: only 150W (200 °C)
  • Connections for heated lines can also be used as additional cold junction for cooling gases down
  • Delivery with insulation jacket (accesories)
  • Buffer volume 1,1 l - others upon request

Heated 19" housing for gas analysis

The temperature-adjustable 19" housing completes our product portfolio for gas analysis. It can be used to maintain the temperature of sampling and upgrading components for hot and moist measuring gases. The product series was developed with a special view to simple integration in analysis systems and its modular structure makes it easier for the user to establish fast connections to heated lines, pumps and analysers.

  • Housing made of powder-enamelled steel plate in a modular design with pre-punched openings all round for easily creating ports, e.g. for electrical connections or for connecting heated lines.
  • Highly efficient thermal insulation with pre-punched insulation plugs at the connection points to avoid heat losses and cold spots at the junctions.
  • Uniform heating with surface heating elements that may either be arranged on the sides or at the bottom.
  • Integrated temperature sensors for external regulation (standard Pt100, thermocouples also available)
  • Fully thermally decoupled mounting frame with base plate made of stainless steel perforated plate for fast and fl exible confi guration of the components to be heated.
  • Separately mountable front plate (OEM designs possible on request)