Thermal Silicone Insulations for Glueing

Where heat is not an undesirable by-product, but is purposefully induced, it is important to conserve it. For example, in heating industrial installations and chemical processes. Insulation plays an important role here. Only with the right insulation material does a heating system really work efficiently.

Depending on the insulation grade and temperature difference, a reduction in the necessary heating power of up to 80% is possible with silicone insulation.

Materials selection

A - Solid silicone: Moulded parts according to customer specifications
We manufacture the moulded part to your specifications. So every insulation fits precisely to your application and attains a high degree of efficiency. We offer insulation in the form of caps, jackets, housings or plugs for the different geometries of your application. With additives, we are in a position to cater for your needs with regard to fire protection and mechanical stability.

B - Silicone foam: moulded parts and semi-finished products
We offer insulations made of silicone foam as moulded products, but you can also get involved yourself and cut the suitable insulation for you to size. Application areas are less complex geometries such as pipes and fittings.

C - Silicone panels: Semifinished product or mechanically formed according to customer specifications
We manufacture panel material for insulation in various thicknesses. You can source them as panels, cut shapes or complete housings. We would also be pleased to manufacture versions for you with integrated electrical heating systems.

Silicone Foam Hoses - B

The silicone foam hoses are suitable for insulating piping, fittings and transitions and are simply pushed on. Insulation jackets can also be produced using the accessories by cutting open the hoses lengthways and fastening a Velcro strip.

Material properties
The silicone foam hoses consist of highly tear resistant, hot-vulcanized silicone. The closed cell structure and the silicone jacket ensure mechanical stability and excellent performance in damp or liquid environments: The moisture uptake is < 1.5 percent by weight. These properties remain at continuous temperatures between -60 °C and +200 °C; short temperature peaks up to 300°C are possible.

Silicone Foam Mats - B

Winkler supplies silicone foam mats by the metre, which you can cut to size for your application with a cutter and scissors and process with silicone adhesive. The silicone foam mats are suitable for insulating surfaces, housings and hose fittings, where they are simply laid or bonded.

  • Closed cell silicone foam
  • Water repellent
  • Density -> approx. 260 kg/m³
  • Thermal conductivity -> 6.2·10-2 W/(m·K)
  • Available in rolls and mats of 100 cm width

Winkler Silikonmaterial

Silicone Panels SXF - C

Insulation of various components such as manifolds, filters, etc. To improve the efficiency of electric heating devices. As protection against accidental contact and mechanical protection. Precise cuts made by water jet are available. Simple contours can be cut with a blade or saw. The panels can be connected together with our silicone adhesive. Cutting threads, screwing or pinning is also possible.

  • Silicone
  • Colour light grey
  • Water repellent
  • Density -> approx. 790 kg/m³
  • Thermal conductivity -> approx. 0,12 W/(mK)
  • Shore hardness (A ) -> 70

All properties remain constant over the temperature range -60°C to +220°C. Short temperature peaks up to 300°C are possible.