Heated Hoses for Glueing

The heated hoses are used wherever a liquid, viscous or melted medium has to be transported from one place to another without loosing the temperature.

Heated hoses are designed for applications in bonding technology, filling and dosing systems, medical technology, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry, extruder applications, as well as in research & development.

  •   pressure resistent and chemical resistent PTFE-inner house
  •   winded heat conducter with built-in temperature sensor
  •   multi layer insulation structure
  •   protective hose and end cabs according to the applicxatio
  •   connecting cable with multi pole plug

Advantages of our heated hoses

  •  high quality products, robuste structure, long durability
  •  large variety and adaption on the application
  •  allways same quality
Winkler Heizschlauch WSGG / WSGS

Heated Hose for Glueing Technology series WSGG + WSGS

Heated hoses for the temperature maintenance and transport of adhesives. Depending on the type of outer jacket, ideally suited for manual applications and dynamic use, e.g. on robots.

  • Large variety of nominal diameters and inner tubes (for instance designed for medium pressure, high pressure and maximum pressure applications)
  • Large variety of fittings
  • Temperature sensors are freely selectable
  • Operation only in combination with controller
  • High degree of flexibility, suitable for dynamic movements
  • Softy and extremely flexible insulation structure with glass-silk braiding (Tmax > 250°C) and silicone foam hose.